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Medical volunteerwork in Mombasa-Kenya

A medical volunteer is always needed

Butterfly4volunteers offers you the chance to work in a Government hospital in Kenya as a health care volunteer and help out in many fields and medical disciplines. While Kenya is viewed as one of the leading countries in medical standards in Africa today, the accumulation of poverty, HIV and all kinds of infectious diseases are a continuous strain on Kenya´s health care system. Many of the leading doctor´s in Kenya emigrate to foreign countries to make a career elsewhere and while the government is struggling to keep the health budget stable, many Kenyans go abroad to seek treatment because of long waiting lists and too expensive treatments. Logically, the Kenya´s health system can always use a highly motivated volunteer to help out.

How to become a medical volunteer in Kenya

At the Applications Form under "Comments", you can state your wish about the kind of medical volunteerwork you are looking for. At the bottom end of this page you will find all the possible disciplines you can work in, with a short remark about the necessary qualifications. However, all applications, credentials and qualifications have to be approved by Kenya´s Ministry of Health. But most of the time, if you have a significant "Western" degree in one of these fields, there will be no problem to instate you at a health care department in Kenya.


Work as a medical volunteer in the following departments:


This is the department which welcomes a new born into the world. A maternity nurse provides complete care of the mother and baby. This includes advising and helping them to feed, cleaning, changing and settling the baby down. A maternity nurse is responsible for taking care of the nursery (where the babies are kept after birth).

QUALIFICATIONS: Previous experience as a registered nurse in a recognized medical institution.

Registered midwife.

Registered midwife – Helps pregnant women to deliver their babies at maternity wards in absense of a doctor.


A Doctor who has specialized during his/her training as a Doctor of Medicine relating to the care of children. Pediatricians concern themselves with the well being of their small patients and are involved in providing tried and tested courses of treatment for many of the common ailments that affect children.

QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor of Medicine and experience in a recognized medical institution.


These are Doctors who are responsible for performing procedures and treating problems dealing with female reproductive systems. Indentifying and diagnosing diseases and health problems with the female patients reproductive systems such as infertility or sexual transmitted diseases. They also perform reproductive surgery, care of the pregnant women before and after labour, care of the newborns and recommend diets or medicine to treat specific problems.

QUALIFICATIONS: Gynaecology/Consultant.


Nurses follow the instructions or orders from the doctors. They dispense medications for the patients, provide emotional and physical support to the patients and personal hygiene and dressing to the patients.

QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor degree in nursing or diploma in nursing.


A pharmacist is monitoring drug interactions, evaluates drug therapy and advises patients about their conditions.

QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor of Pharmacy


There are departments who deal with rapes cases. The social worker helps and counsels victims, provides emotional and physical support. They enforce projects that curb rape as well.

QUALIFICATIONS: Social Education from established institution.


This is the department which is dealing with people who are infected by HIV. The medical personnel counsels the victims before testing and after testing. They also do the testing of the virus, give advice on HIV management and on nutritional diets en give emotional and physical support as well.

QUALIFICATIONS: Medical personnel from recognized institution; Social worker from any recognized institution.


This concerns the diagnosing of oral problems. A dental surgeon fill cavities, performs root canal operations, treats gum disease, practices orthodontics, gives anesthesia and performs oral surgery.

QUALIFICATIONS: Bachelor of Dentistry

The requirements stated above regarding the different medical specialisms must be vetted and approved by Kenya´s Ministry of Health. All qualifications must be approved by the government before starting any medical job.

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