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"Nurturing Talent Through Sports"

Midcity Sports Trust

Midcity Sports Trust was established in 2019 to incorporate sport as a vehicle to help bring about positive change and social cohesion in a country desperately in need.

Midcity Sports Trust objective is to carry out charitable initiatives for the benefit of the communities in Kenya and across the boundary

Our mission is to be the leading and trusted sports trust in Kenya and across the globe as we use sport to improve children's wellbeing and give them a brighter future by nurturing their talents and empowering them.

The Trust was formed with its Vision and Mandate to provide sporting infrastructure, kit and equipment and programs aimed at developing the young people of Kenya and across the border. This positive influence will help to provide hope, inspiration, opportunities and platforms for them to advance their sporting ambitions and dreams.

What we also do:

Raising funds to cater for nurturing of football and sports talent in children from a less privileged backgrounds.

 To harness the power of football sport for socio-economic support to needy children including orphans and children living with disabilities.

 Supporting the educational needs of needy children.

 Uplifting families living in abject poverty including providing food, clothes, clean water and shelter to such families.

 Promoting research on poverty alleviation programs and community development.

Establish an endowment fund to receive grants, donations, gifts and any other form of assistance from the county or national governments of Kenya, private sector or any other source provided it is in support of one or more of the objectives of the organization and beneficial to the target community.


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Midcity Soccer Academy

Midcity Soccer Academy was established in 2019 to provide skill development programs and help grow the talent of less fortunate young players and assist them to move from grass-root football to major football players through world-leading football programs. The love and commitment to the game have continued to grow the academy with approximately 250 players within our Nairobi and Mombasa branches.

Mission Statement

Our mission is:

To provide an opportunity for all elite youth to play soccer in an encouraging and rewarding environment.

To engage both the less fortunate and the community around us by making the football experience more enjoyable and rewarding through teamwork, fun and skills development that fits his or her ability.

Our Vision is:

It is our vision to:

Help youth learn lifelong skills and values such as good communication skills and strong leadership traits through soccer.

Help build a promising future for the children of Mid City and leave a legacy with a lasting and meaningful impact on youth.

Encourage, enable and inspire participation in soccer among children in our community.

Our Core Values:

Passion for Soccer




Team Work