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Support Possibilities by Sponsoring & Foundation Support

Butterfly4Volunteers knows where help is needed and facilitates with the Butterfly Sponsoring and Foundation Support, volunteers, interns and visitors to visit places where they can see with their own eyes how enormous the problem of poverty actually is. Collected cuddly toys, pens, exercise books and candy are frequently given to children in childrenĀ“s homes or schools. Sometimes volunteers , interns and guests buy and give these items on site in the local area. You can also attend a football training of Midcity Soccer in Nairobi or Mombasa. If you have become enthusiastic and you want to do something for Midcity, you can contact them.

How does sponsoring work and our foundation operate?

Interested parties can contact us before their trip to Kenya, or during their stay, and inform us how they would like to contribute and discuss with us how this can be delivered to the project.

To become a donor? You can send us an email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will send you the account details.


 Kind of donations

Local population takes action

The degree of self-work and self-reliance of the local population is decisive to qualify for the support of Butterfly Sponsoring and Foundation Support. Because what does the beneficiary want to do to get the resources they need? If we take the Midcity Soccer Academy as an example, they are very active themselves to get their needs, know what they are doing and are always looking for ways to improve in order to make football youth realize their dreams: Become a professional international soccer player !!

Sponsoring Support

Interested parties who want to make a contribution can consult with us in advance where the need is greatest and what the 'Sponsor' contribution could consist of. For example, purchased cuddly toys and toys and a well-stocked provisions cupboard for the children of the children's home may be sufficient for the time being. The sponsor can agree with us that Butterfly will keep in touch with the children's home on a monthly basis and will always provide provisions for an agreed amount. For the soccer players of the Midcity Soccer Academy, you could bring soccer shoes, who have become too small, or a pair of soccer balls.

Foundation Support

With the Foundation Support Butterfly wants to solve problems in the long term together with the local population. Action from the local community is therefore necessary to ensure long-term support. From the start, the project has to be supported locally, which is certainly done by the Midcity Soccer Academy.

Interested parties who want to contribute to this can, for example, support a number of football players for a period with donations to pay for their football education, or you can provide the new outfit for one or more teams.